[For Reseller] Changing a registration for contact and person in charge of HENNGE One

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365



I would like to know how to change the registration of contact information

or the person in charge of the announcement, and notification by HENNGE to resellers.



Please submit the following form for the changing registration information of a person in charge of HENNGE One reseller.

You would prepare information about End-User company you request the change.


【For Reseller Only】Request to change the person in charge of HENNGE One


This form allows for the addition and deletion of up to one person per End-User company per one request.

If you would like to add or delete more than one End-User company or more than two people in charge,

please submit the request multiple times.



*This form is for only Resellers.

*This request form is used for various notices, emergency contacts, notifications for renewal, etc.

*This request form automatically collects your email address.

*Please be careful not to input the misspelled name, email address, etc.

*Regardless of the time difference when the registration is complete, HENNGE will email a registration completion email to the applicable person accordingly.


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