Download email header information in bulk


This article is intended for administrators who perform the initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Email Archive.


This article explains how to bulk download header information from search results in HENNGE Email Archive as a CSV file.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of March 2021 and may be subject to change without notice.

2. HENNGE Email Archive administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

3. Refer to the login information sent during the introduction for the URL and login information for the HENNGE Email Archive management screen.

Detailed Explanation / Procedure

The settings related to header downloads are located in the HENNGE Email Archive, accessible by logging in with an administrator account and selecting [Header Download] from the left menu.



This function allows bulk downloading of header information from archive search results as a CSV file.

- Bulk downloads are registered as "jobs" and processed in the background.

- Only one job can be executed simultaneously. Once completed, you can register the next job.

- The header information for download includes the following items:
Date, Subject, Header To, Cc, Header from, Attachment (True/False), Envelope to, Envelope from, Size (bytes)

- The download file is in CSV format.

- If the search result exceeds 2,000 records or 400MB, the download file (CSV file) will be split.


1. Search for the emails you want to retrieve and select [Download].

For details of this procedure, refer to "Bulk Download" on the following page.

Download Emails

2. Select [Header Download (Job Registration)] and choose [Download].


3. Open the left menu [Header Download].


4. Enter search criteria and select [Search].

It may take several hours for the job to complete.


- Search Period: Set to search for the date and time the job was registered.

- User Name: Select the user who registered the job from the pull-down menu.

5. Search results are displayed in a list.


6. Select the desired result to review details.

You can download the result of the job from the [Link].


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