What should I do when users are unable to log in because the Pass-cookie restriction is set up?


Please advise the procedure to follow in case of losing a device with a set entrance pass.


Please follow one of the following procedures:

1. Procedure

1.1 Change User Password

Change the user's password to prevent login using the stored user ID and password information on the device.
※ Although the entrance pass remains set on the lost device, changing the password reduces the risk of unauthorized use by third parties.

1.2 Invalidate Existing Entrance Pass

Invalidate the current entrance pass and generate a new one.
Please note that invalidating the entrance pass will invalidate the entrance passes of all currently distributed devices, so you need to reset new entrance passes to each device.

2. Procedure for Generating a New Entrance Pass

Please refer to the procedure for invalidating the entrance pass in the article "Settings Explanation Entrance Pass-related Settings 3. Entrance Pass Generation Key" for more information.
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