What are the procedures to add additional domain?

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


What are the procedures to add additional domain?


Some settings are required by our service team for the new domain.
* It may take five business days to be effective.

Firstly please provide the information below. 

Information required

【For every user】

・HENNGE One Service Number (2 English characters + 4 or 6 digits number)

・Domain name

・Start date

・Number of additional license (if it needs to be increased)

【For HENNGE Email DLP users】

Policy for e-mail filtering service
 → Example: xxx.xx.jp will be handled as an internal domain as regular domain and etc.

【For HENNGE Directory Sync Tool (AD → HENNGE Access Control) users】

・Sync Tool setting file (config.ini)
 → It is normally under "C:¥Program Files¥HDE One Directory Sync".
・Security Group assign batch (Assign-HDEOnePasswrdSyncGroup.bat)
 → It is normally under "C:¥HDEOne".


【HENNGE Access Control + Cloud User Sync Tool users (HENNGE Access Control → Microsoft365) 】
・If new domain users are already exist in HENNGE Access Control admin console and HENNGE enables cloud user sync tool for new domain, new users will be created in Microsoft365 or users will be updated in Microsoft 365 if they are already there. In the other case, Microsoft365 new domain users will be deleted if they are not registered in HENNGE Access Control.
Therefore, please be careful that all necessary users are registered in HENNGE Access Control with correct values (DisplayName, UserPrincipalName and etc.)

After our work finished...

You may be requested to proceed with the following works.

  • SPF record registration
  • Adding DKIM Authentication Settings
  • config.ini replacement
  • Assign-HDEOnePasswrdSyncGroup.bat replacement

HENNGE One support team will inform you of details.

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