Settings on Chromebook to allow sites to save Cookies

for Google Workspace


On Chromebook, Cookies may not be saved on your browser according to default settings. Below are instructions on how to change Chrome settings and device settings to allow saving Cookies.


- Chrome Settings
Settings (gear icon on the top right of the browser) > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies >
1. Enable "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)"
2. Disable "Keep local data only until you quit your browser"
**Note that if the option is not enabled, it will be shown as "Blocked".
・Google Workspace Chrome Admin
Google Workspace Admin Console > Devices > Chrome Management > User Settings >
1. Scroll down to the "Security" field and enable "Force Ephemeral Mode".
2. Go to the "Content" field, find "Third-Party Cookie Blocking" and change to "Allow".
3. Under the "Content" field in "Block Cookies for URL Patterns", check if anything has been blocked.
・Device Settings
**Note that you will not be able to view or change settings if you do not have a Chrome License.
Please refer to the instruction on managing Chrome device settings here:
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