Why a warning message is output in an application log?

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


Q. The warning message "Password propagation failed...." is output in an application log.
A. Under the password synchronization environment between Active Directory (hereinafter referred to as "AD") and HENNGE Access Control (hereinafter referred to as "HAC"), the following message is displayed in an AD server log. ( [Event Viewer] > [Application Log] )  
Source: IDMU Password Synchronization
Event ID: 8245
Message: Password propagation failed. Either default encryption key is configured or no UNIX hosts are configured to propagate passwords.
When you implement password synchronization between AD and HAC, "Identity Management for UNIX components" should be installed to each AD domain controller.
Identity Management for UNIX components is originally for synchronizing to UNIX environment, however, the reason why it is required for our service is to refer to unixUserPassword attribute.
The warning message is displayed because UNIX host practically does not exist under your environment. 
The warning message does not mean service error.
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