About Restarting HDE One Directory Sync and HDE One Password Sync Services

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How to restart the HDE One Directory Sync and HDE One Password Sync Services?


If you find the following situation and find that HENNGE Access Control Admin Console Synchronization Log does not have any recent synchronizations executed, you can reset the synchronization on the Active Directory (AD).
If you have confirmed that the Service is running, please restart the service again.

・If you have changed passwords on the AD, and find out that the password cannot be logged onto the HENNGE Access Control.
・If you have created new accounts on the AD, and find out that those accounts are not synchronized to your HENNGE Access Control.

1. Please open up the "Services" in the "Start" menu in Windows.

 Accounts not synchronized: HDE One Directory Sync
 Passwords not synchronized: HDE One Password Sync
 → If the service is Not Running, please "Start" / If the service is already Running, please "Restart".

2. If you cannot "Start" or cannot "Restart" successfully, please use the command prompt to force restart the service.

■Force Stop the Services
1) Please confirm the PID (xxx) from the "Task Manager" for the "HDE One Directory Sync" or the "HDE One Password Sync" Services.

2) Open the Command Prompt as Admin
 ・Confirm the following
 tasklist /fi "PID eq xxx"
 Confirm the HDE One Directory Sync: service.exe
 Confirm the HDE One Password Sync: service2.exe

 ・Force Stop
 taskkill /fi "PID eq xxx" /F /t
 (/t is to stop child processes as well)
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