Check on the Active Directory Domain Controller Structure and OS Versions


For customers that are considering to synchronize user information and password information from Active Directory (AD) onto HENNGE Access Control in the cloud.


To check the users on the Active Directory (AD) targeted for synchronization.

After confirmation, HENNGE One Consultant and Support will work to devise the best implementation plan.


Please confirm on the points below.

Confirmation Points

1. Structure of the Active Directory

Please confirm the following points.

・Number of Active Directory.

・Number of Active Directory Domain Controller.

・Number of Forests of Active Directory Domain Controller.

・The OS Versions of each of the Active Directory.

(Please provide adequate information about the entire structure to HENNGE One Consultants and Supports.)

2. Confirmation on the Synchronization Targets

Confirm on the users targeted for synchronization.

Usually, we target the synchronization by the OU they are located in or we target by a specific attribute value of the users. (Multiple conditions can be used simultaneously.)

※ Under normal circumstances, the synchronization conditions should be the same as Azure Active Directory for Microsoft 365 and the same as Google Cloud Directory Sync for Google Workspace.

3. Check the User Attributes Mappings to be synchronized

Decide and confirm which attributes on the Active Directory to be synchronized with which attributes on HENNGE Access Control.

The attributes that can be synchronized from the Active Directory to the HENNGE Access Control are as the following.


・Microsoft 365 ID (UPN) / Email Address (SAML UID) 

・Family Name

・First Name

・(Microsoft 365 Only) Display Name

・(Microsoft 365 Only) ImmutableID

・(Microsoft 365 Only) Email Address

※ Even if [ SamaAccountName ]、[ UserPrincipalName ] on the Active Directory are not used for attributes to be synchronized with HENNGE Access Control, the attribute values cannot be empty.

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