Set up Connection with HENNGE Email DLP (Google Workspace)


This is for customers using HENNGE Email DLP with Google Workspace.


Configure emails sent from Google Workspace (Gmail) to external recipients to pass through HENNGE Email DLP.


1. After this connection process, the sending route will change. Therefore, please consider the scope of impact and working hours thoroughly.

2. The content of this article is based on the product as of March 2019 and may be subject to change without notice.

Detailed Steps and Explanation


1. Register SPF Record

[ver.2] Add SPF Record

2. Confirm the Impact on Email Route

If there are existing settings related to [ Routing ], please send us a screenshot of the settings that can be understood before this connection process.

3. Prepare Configuration Values

Please prepare the document provided by us, HENNGE One Connection Configuration Sheet, in advance.

1. Create Host

1.1. Access the Google admin console in Google Workspace.

1.2. In the menu, click on [ Apps ] > [ Google Workspace ] > [ Gmail ].

1.3. Scroll down and click on [ Hosts ].


1.4. On the displayed screen, click [ Add Route ].

1.5. Enter "HENNGE Email DLP" in [ Name ] and enter host information.

The host information is as follows:

Also, check [ Require mail to be transmitted via a secure (TLS) connection (Recommended) ] and uncheck [ Use CA signed certificate ], then save.


1.8. Confirm that the host has been added.

2. Add [Routing] Settings

2.1. After selecting [ Gmail ] in the above 1.4., select [ Routing ].


2.2. In [ Routing ], add settings.

If there are already other settings in [ Routing ], select [ Add Another Rule ].

2.3. Enter the following information.

・[ Name ]: HENNGE Email DLP Forwarding

・[ Affected Emails ]: Outbound


2.4. Change the route to the host [ HENNGE Email DLP ].

Check [ Route ] → [ Change route ], select the host [ HENNGE Email DLP ], and save the settings.


3. Connection Verification

3.1. Confirm whether the connection has been successfully completed.

Follow the content of the following article to check the connection status.

[ver.2] HENNGE Email DLP Performance Test (Google Workspace)

3.2. Notify HENNGE One Implementation Personnel that the connection is complete.

When you confirm that the connection has been successfully completed, be sure to contact your onboarding guide.

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