Installation of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool


For customers who wish to synchronize users from ActiveDirectory onto HENNGE Access Control in the cloud.


Outlines the installation procedures of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool.


1. For the instructions on how to install the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool, please refer to "HENNGE Directory Sync Tool" in the article below.

Supported environments for HENNGE One

2. This article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.


Please run the [ HDE One Directory Sync-X.X.X.msi ] inside the [ HDEOneDirectorySyncTool ] folder, and double click to execute it.

※ The X.X.X in the folder name represents the Version Number.

※ Depending on the language of the OS, please choose between Japanese (HDEOneDirectorySync-x.x.x_ja.msi) or English (HDEOneDirectorySync-x.x.x_en.msi) for your usage.

Please follow the following screenshots to complete the setup.

When the installation is complete, the following folders will be created.

C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync






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