Installation of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool


This documentation is intended for customers who perform user synchronization from ActiveDirectory to HENNGE Access Control. 


This document provides the steps to install the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool.


1. For installation requirements of the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool, refer to the [ HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ] section in the following help center article.

HENNGE One Operating Environment

2. This document is based on the product content as of February 2024 and may be subject to change without notice due to future updates.

Detailed Procedure and Explanation

1. Download [ HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ] from the HENNGE Access Control admin console

For how to download [ HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ], refer to the "1. Download HENNGE Directory Sync Tool" section in the following help center article.

Download Procedure for ActiveDirectory Synchronization Tool

※ If the browser language is Japanese, the installer will be in Japanese, and if it is in another language, the installer will be in English.

2. Install [ HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ] on the target device

Copy the downloaded [ HDEOneDirectorySync-x64.msi ] to the installation destination device and execute it by double-clicking.

Complete the installation following the on-screen instructions.

Upon completion of the installation, the following folder will be created:

C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync






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