First time setting up the config.ini file for HENNGE Directory Sync Tool


For customers that are setting up the config.ini file for the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool for the First Time.


To know where to place the config.ini file that is provided by the HENNGE One Consultant exclusively in the folder that it is supposed to be in.


1. The changes made in the config.ini file will only be reflected if the [ HDE One Directory Sync ]、[ HDE One Password Sync ] Services have been restarted.

2. For the instructions of how to install the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool, please refer to the article below.

HENNGE Directory Sync Tool インストール先のマシン準備

3. This article was last updated on the 2019 March.


1. Check that the service has been stopped

Please ensure that both services below has been stopped already on the Windows Server.

・HDE One Directory Sync

・HDE One Password Sync

※ Right after the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool has been installed, both services should be in the  [ Stopped ] statuses.

2. Edit the config.ini file

2.1.  Open the config.ini with NotePad.

2.2. Edit the Active Directory Domain Controller Connection/Authentication information.

・Line 36 [ server ] : The Host Name or the IP Address of the Domain Controller.

・Line 37 [ username ] : User that has either of the [ Enterprise Admins ]・[ Domain Admins ]・[ Schema Admins ] permission.

・Line 38 [ password ] : The password of the user that was specified on Line 37.

※If the user in the config.ini has been changed, the password will also need to be changed, please ensure that both values are correct.

2.3.  Save the edited config.ini file.

3. Dispatching the config.ini file

3.1. Place the edited and the saved config.ini file into the folder that HENNGE Directory Sync Tool was installed in.

C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync
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