Execution of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool


For customers who wish to synchronize users from the Active Directory to the HENNGE Access Control using the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool.


This procedure outlines how to execute the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool.


1. Please ensure that the requirements outlined in the following article have been satisfied.

Prerequisites Checks for HENNGE Directory Sync Tool

2. If the following error is displayed, please follow the following article to install the root certificate.

<urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)> 

Installation Manual of Root Certificate for HDE One Directory Sync Tool

3. This article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.


1. Run a Test Synchronization

1.1. Open the PowerShell with Admin permissions.

1.2.Execute the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool by entering the following commands into the PowerShell.

> cd "C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync"  
> .\console.exe /n 

※ [ /n ] is the option for Test Execution, which will not actually perform synchronization.
※ [ /n ] option is not present will perform actual synchronization, please pay extra attention to performing this command.

Example Output: 

##### Sync set [sync01] #####

Active Directory ---> HDE Access Control

Add: Administrator / iGcrgi8tjUy1NfaLulJ/5Q==
Add: Guest / qWEUYHX3DUOxPrZv6C271Q==
Add: test01 / test01@addc1.example.com / WEt4r/aDlE3wtGz0UbVoqQ==
Delete: aaa / aab@addc1.example.com / hfJV7x6cakym2AIWkThdA==

If there are no users existing targeted for synchronization, the following output will be found.

##### Sync set [sync01] #####

Active Directory ---> HDE Access Control

* No sync data *

2. Manual Synchronization

If the test synchronization outputs the desired result, please omit the [ /n ] option to perform an actual synchronization with the [ console.exe ] command.

> cd "C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync"  
> .\console.exe

3. Regular Synchronization (Scheduled Synchronization)

To make sure that the synchronization runs automatically every few hours, please set up the [ HDE One Directory Sync ] and the [ HDE One Password Sync ] service.
Please start the following services from the Windows Server machine where HENNGE Directory Sync Tool was installed on.

・HDE One Directory Sync
・HDE One Password Sync

3.1. Enable and run the [ Services ]. 

3.2. Open the Properties menu of the service and configure the following values.

[ General ] → [ StartUp Type ] : Automatically.

[ Login ] → [ Account ]: Please set this to the user the same as the user specified in the config.ini file.

First time setting up the config.ini file for HENNGE Directory Sync Tool Procedure 2.2.

3.3. Save the settings and start the services.

4. Confirm on the Synchronization Log

Confirm in the HENNGE Access Control Admin Console → [ System ] → [ Synchronization Log ].
Make sure that the following [ Active Directory > HDE Access Control ] is present in the log.

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